The 27th JRTCC 2018 National Trial

by The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada

Held September 15, 2018 through September 16, 2018. Registration closes on September 8, 2018.



September 15th (Saturday)
  • Racing
    Judged by Anne Davis
  • Youth
    Judged by Lynda Rupay
  • Conformation
    Judged by Martha Milligan, USA
  • Go-to-Ground
    Judged by Joe Shapiro
  • Super Earth
    Judged by Don Gaskell
  • Agility
    Judged by Monica Terry
  • Barn Hunt
    Judged by Christine Halbur
  • Brush Hunt (non-sanctioned)
    Judged by Sandra Barnett
  • Ball Retrieval
    Judged by Kim McElroy
September 16th (Sunday)
  • Conformation
    Judged by Martha Milligan, USA
  • Agility
    Judged by Monica Terry
  • Rally Obedience
    Judged by Julie Deans
  • Trailing & Locating
    Judged by Kym Davis
  • Lure Coursing
    Judged by Lisa Benoit
  • Rumble Tunnel
    Judged by Kim Bates

Standard Entry Fees

Regular: Can$15.00
Late: Can$20.00
Club-Member: Can$15.00
Late Club-Member: Can$20.00


Lodging map.
A: Days Inn, Brantford (pets unallowed in rooms)
460 Fairview Drive
Burford, Ontario N3R 7A9
Phone: (519) 759-2700
B: Days Inn, Woodstock
560 Norwich Ave
Woodstock, Ontario N4V 1C6
Phone: (519) 421-4588
C: Quality Hotel & Suites, Woodstock
580 Bruin Blvd
Woodstock, Ontario N4V 1E5
Phone: (519) 537-5586